Python 3.5 and asyncio

An introduction to the asyncio module in Python 3.5, which supports cooperative multitasking in Python.

PyCon 2014 Recap

A recap of themes and outstanding talks from PyCon US 2014 in Montreal.

Date Sun 13 April 2014 Tags python

Revisiting Linux on a MacBook Pro

After a long time on OS X, I decided to revisit Linux by installing it on my MacBook Pro, fully kitted out with disk encryption and a next generation filesystem.

Marelle: logic programming for devops

Logic programming is an elegant way to specify dependencies for setting up and managing servers. This post introduces Marelle, an SWI-Prolog command-line tool designed to bootstrap new servers and ensure their configuration is correct.

On naming

Why do we use the names we do? Drawing parallels between linguistics and the choices we make when programming.

Pathfinding like a pro

A guide to basic pathfinding, explaining how to implement A* search for the 2011 Google AI challenge.