Review: Krydda hydroponic unit

I check out Ikea's hydroponic unit for growing indoor food crops, walking through process of growing my first crop of salad greens.

The Habit Clock

The Habit Clock is an experiment in tracking the time pass for things that we care about.

Insects as food

Insects are meant to be an environmentally friendly source of protein, an alternative to meat. This post documents my first encounter with insects as food.

Using attention well

How our use of attention affects our mental wellbeing; strategies for dealing with wayward attention and unhelpful thoughts.

Working one-handed

A few days ago I was cycling to work when a white sedan accelerated across the road and ploughed into me and my bike before driving off. I was quite lucky: I ended up with just a broken right wrist and some grazes. Still, losing my dominant hand sucks. Here's how I've tried to make up for it.

77 days of measurement

Embracing the Quantified Self movement wholeheartedly, I've been measuring what I eat, where I go and what I do for 77 days. I discuss the mechanics of measurement and what I got out of it.